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myyodaa is an app that connects yoga and meditation students with teachers across the globe, through personalised, live, one-to-one video classes – at a time and place that suits you, and a price you choose.

Download the app and sign up for free - myyodaa is for everyone, from absolute beginners to experienced practitioners.

Students can browse our teachers (we call them yodaas) and book sessions with those who meet their needs – whether that’s based on class type, ratings, availability, language or cost.


​Receive one-to-one attention from your own yodaa with a class tailored specifically to your needs.


​You only pay for the class you take. No long-term plans or commitments. You can book classes as far in advance as you like, or simply go on the app and find who is available now.


​You can practise at a time and place convenient to you, at a price point you are comfortable with.

And when you use myyodaa, you help teachers from all over the world access a global economy they are otherwise often shut out of. 

How it works

Practise anytime, anywhere, at a price that suits you 

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Browse and book classes with teachers you choose

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Classes for everyone, 
from beginner to expert

myyodaa live class
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Our story

Our story 

myyodaa was started by three friends from Auckland, New Zealand – Ziena, Erin and Gina. We are professional women with young children and busy lives. Like everyone, we've had our ups and downs, and through it all, yoga and mediation have been critical for our physical and mental wellbeing. Sometimes they have been the tools that have kept our heads above water. 


So, we try to maintain and develop our regular practice – but there are often barriers that mean we miss out. Whether time, money, childcare or teacher fit was the problem, we often ended up practising alone at home, following along with online videos and wishing we had more guidance. 


We wanted to find a way to have personalised one-to-one classes with a teacher who tailored the session to our specific needs – at a time and place that suited us, without costing the earth.

That’s when myyodaa was born – a democratic platform that makes this possible, no matter what your situation. It's grown to encompass some wider ideals too – the idea that we could connect teachers and students from all across the globe to share knowledge and income in a fair and distributed way. 

We started building myyodaa in January 2019, and since then the world has changed considerably because of Covid-19. The need for a platform like myyodaa is greater than ever – not just for people in lockdown needing to ensure positive health and wellbeing, but also for yoga and meditation teachers who have lost their livelihoods as gyms and studios have closed.


We really want to make a positive difference – and the myyodaa platform is our way of helping people to look after themselves, and each other. 


As a teacher with myyodaa, you have a unique opportunity to share your expertise with a global audience, with the flexibility to choose what type of class you teach, when you want to teach and at a price you set.

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