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Is there any support with languages or translations?

Currently our app is available in English, but teachers can teach in languages that they are comfortable in. When you are setting your profile, remember to include all languages you can teach in.

What if I want to stop being a myyodaa teacher?

No problem. You can take a break easily by managing your availability. Or, if you’d rather be removed from the app, let us know and we’ll take off your profile. You are not locked into anything.

How do I know how much to charge?

Our recommendation is that your charge reflects the one-to-one nature of the class, but also the online aspect of this teaching. You can also experiment with your cost, by adjusting your price in your profile. Most importantly, charge what you believe to be a fair price for your time and service. Please note that myyodaa adds a service fee to the price you set. This fee covers the cost of running the platform.

Do I need to pay tax on my myyodaa income?

As a myyodaa teacher, you are responsible for following your country’s tax laws, just as you are for any income you receive.

How do I promote myself on myyodaa?

You promote yourself to students via your teacher profile. It’s an important tool in helping to differentiate yourself and your offering. Share your yoga / meditation journey, your experience as a teacher, and your teaching philosophy. Include a profile picture, introductory text (length is up to you) and a video to help students get to know you.

Do you have any technical tips for creating a good profile video?

  • Your video woks best in Portrait

  • Aim to make your video no more than about one minute long.
  • Set your phone up securely (rather than holding it in your hand) so that the video is steady.
  • Make sure that your light source is behind the camera, rather than behind you. This will help to make sure your video is bright. It can really help to film your video outside, or close to a window - natural light is best.
  • Try to film in a quiet place, away from too much wind, traffic or other loud noises.
  • Frame the video so that your face is clear and visible at all times.

I have a problem with the app, what should I do?

Let us know! You can email us at, or chat to us via the Messages section in your app.

Do I have to sign the Teacher Agreement?

Yes, without your signed agreement we cannot put your profile live, as we don't have legal permission to share your details.

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You can contact us directly through the messages section on the app or email us at